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Free Apache Subversion binaries for a range of platforms:
  • Supported Operating System:
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Binaries from Fink are available in the following packages:

  • svn - installs a stand-along server.
  • svn doc - installs HTML documents and notes.
  • libapache2-mod-svn - contains an apache2 module.
  • svn15-shlibs - contains the shared libraries for the other packages.
  • svn15-dev - contains the development headers and libraries.
  • svn-swig-pm58x - contains the swig Perl bindings to call svn from Perl.
  • svn-swig-py2x - contains the swig Python bindings to call svn from Python.
  • svn-swig-rb18 - contains the swig Ruby bindings to call svn from Ruby.
  • svn-javahl - contains the Java bindings to call svn from Java.

These packages are maintained by Daniel Johnson.
  • Supported Operating System:
  • Mac OSX logo

Subversion server packages include: :

  • Java (javahl) bindings.
  • Perl bindings.
  • Python bindings.
  • Ruby bindings.

Note that all packages require the command-line driven MacPorts software package.
  • Supported Operating System:
  • Mac OSX logo

The SVNbinaries project on openCollabNet produces a range of server binaries.

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